Tutors - Karen Milton

Mixed Media Artist

Creating and antiques have always been a part of my life so to be able to combine it all to produce art is a dream come true.
I love to buy tut, (said like put!) or, as my family would say, rubbish that no one else wants and upcycle it into something useful or just lovely to look at.

Although I have never gained any formal art qualifications I have attended workshops with tutors in a variety of mediums.

It is my belief that no one-way is right when creating art and that very often people are told at a young age they cannot draw and are not artistic, which ultimately, prevents them from even trying. I like to show people that we all have it in us to create things of beauty using materials around us and a few basic tools.

I like to create using what I have to hand and am inspired by my boot sale/ charity shop buys so pieces I make are very rarely the same. I incorporate many techniques into one piece and love to find creative ways of using what I have stored in my garage.